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World’s most amazing “Pen*s Museum, Pic inside the story

You might have heard about many museums yet, but this museum in Iceland is just amazing. Here many types of penises have been preserved. The special thing is that it is the only such museum in the world. A man has collected 283 preserved penises from 93 species of animals.

In 1974 a teacher aged 33 years old named SigurĂ°ur Hjartarson who has dedicated his life to collecting penises. He is from Iceland, The walls are decorated with dried whale penises and such as many mammals penises.

Not only animals penis but also human penis beings have been kept here. Its name is the Icelandic Philological Museum. This Penis Museum was founded by Iceland resident Cigar Jartserson in 1997.

In 1974, his friends gifted him the bull’s penis as a gift. Later, his friends gave similar gestures to different gifs. On 23 August 1997, on the occasion of his birthday, he opened the museum with 63 penis of animals.


African Elephant Penis

Dolphin Penis

Killer Whale Penis

Reindeer Penis

Giraffe Penis

Different type of Painting of Penis as a gift items for your near and dears.

There is also a gift shop, which offers many other types of condom and Penises size. The museum finally got a human penis in 2015. Four other men have promised to give their own penis.  

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