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World Sparrow Day: How to sparrows return to our home again?

In our childhood, mostly we wake up by the melodious chirping of sparrows at the windows or our ventilation, but nowadays sparrows are becoming hard to spot around.

It is sad that now sparrows are just a memory a big reason behind this-

World Sparrow day

On 20 March, World Sparrow Day is observed every year to raise awareness. We hope that on this day individual, various government agencies, scientific communities would come up with the measures to save them.

Some interesting facts about our feathered companion and what we can do to bring him back to our homes-

Interesting facts about Sparrows-

The average life expectancy of a wild sparrow is under 10 years and mainly closer to 4 to 5 years.

The flight of house sparrows is direct with continued flapping and no periods of gliding, averaging 45.5 km/h (28.3 mph) and about 15 wingbeats per second.

So, now we come to know that World Sparrow Day is observed on 20 March every year around the world to raise the awareness among the people and countries to save these social chirping birds which are on the verge of extinction.

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