God Sex and Truth- Why This new short movie of Ramgopal Verma is not on Youtube but on Pornhub?

This is all about “God Sex and Truth”, India is a country where watching or publishing porn is not legal. We the people of India is very sentiment about porn. This is a country where Condom ads can create controversy.

At the same time, you might be heard or felt that Ramgopal Verma trying to make a short story on sex or closer to porn. Last year he published a short movie on youtube called “Meri Beti Sunny leone banana chahti hai”. This movie got viral on youtube and it was most liked by the youngster in India. Fortunately or unfortunately India is rigorously consuming porn from the back door.

I don’t know that Ramgopal Verma has got what’s wrong with Sunny Leone, as she denied him many times to work with him in a movie. But Verma’s inner desire is very strong and finally, he has launched a new short movie in collaboration with an international porn star Mia Malkova. you can just imagine the shorts of story that it does not match the quality and privacy policy of Youtube to get published on it, that’s why it is published on Pornhub.

You can search this movie on Pornhub by the name of “God Sex and Truth”, in which Mia Malkova (an international porn star) is in the lead role and put no clothes on her in the entire movie. You will find a lot of professional video of  Mia Malkova on the internet.

The entire film is a marketing campaign to decorate and portray the upside of sexual liberation and women rights. the dialog of Mia Malkova in this movie is..

A woman to be restricted to just one man is being barbaric to the very existence of sexual being because she is being restricted from being herself. 

Mr. Verma believes that he is in a parallel universe where he is representing Sex as a topic and which is surely not a case. In fact, he is Intellectualizing Sex by putting a video frame of some famous personality.

The movie is all about to capture the porn viewers attention, it is just a marketing strategy by words and selling in the market, it is closer to none of the knowledge.

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