Viral Kerala Girl reveals the reason why she rode a horse to the exam.

Remember the Kerala girl, video of her riding a horse on her way to give Class-10 board exams went viral earlier in the week. Her dedications and swag impressed many people around the country and also industrialist Anand Mahindra.

But who is this mysterious girl on horseback that is on everyone’s newsfeed?

According to News18 reports, the girl, Krishna, started horse riding when she was in class-7. She got the idea after one of her friends told her that riding a horse isn’t “that easy” and it’s especially not something that girls can do.

That got Krishna wondering why people think horse riding is not for girls. Soon she found herself wanting to bust that myth by enrolling for horse riding classes!

While there were several positive reactions on seeing the viral video, Krishna cleared the air saying that she only takes her horse out for a ride on “special occasions”.

“I do not go daily on horses. Only on some special days, or when I get bored or on some exam days also, I ride on a horse to school. If you ask me what was special on that day that was the last day of my Class 10 board exam,” she said

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