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From Venice to Chicago this is how Birds and Animals Roam freely during COVID-19 Lock down

Don’t know how can I explain COVID-19 for us, is this one crush for us or blessing for animals and birds. The increasing number of coronavirus cases around the globe has brought the entire world to a standstill.

There is no sign of crowds no visitors only empty streets everywhere, people are socially distancing themselves to avoid the corona virus from spreading, but there is some good news for birds, animals and as well as for our environment.

Venice, one of Italy’s beautiful and biggest tourist attractions, but due to lock down there is no sign of humans very less boat traffic on the city’s canals air quality improved a lot. Swans and Dolphin have returned.

Take a look

Swan back to Venice
Pair of Swan swim freely in Venice
Dolphin back to Venice
Water is more clear in canal

There is one more beautiful moment from Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium where all the penguins were left to roam around because nowadays humans are not allowed due to coronavirus.  

This will remind me how animals in the movie Madagascar wander across the zoo after it gets closed?

So what is your opinion on this? However, this is the moment that shows us how the absence of humans is making the world beautiful!!

Sachin Singh

A kid by heart, Enthusiastic, explorer and a Learner. So much interest in Ancient History, an animal lover, trying to express this beautiful world through my words. I help people and websites with content, videos, design, and social media management.

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