These 13 funny Images proving that we are Ultra legends at rules breaking.

India, the home of many diverse cultures, nothing is better place than India to presents humor in daily life, and when it comes to obeying rules or breaking rules nobody pulls it off the way Indians do!

Here some hilarious Images prove that Indians are legends at breaking rules, check them out-

1.” Rules not for Police”

2.”For Ladies Only”

3.” No one can stop us “

4. “Hum Nahi sudhrenge”

5 “Chal Behan College ko late ho rahi”

6.“Girlfriend ka call hai”

7.“Sharm hume aati nahi”

8.“Supermarket on Two-wheeler”

9.Gai hamari mata hai, humko kuch nahi aata hai.” 

10.“Safalta ka shortcut”

11. “Bhaiya board to hum dekhte nahi”

12.“Kursi ka sawal hai bhai”

13.“Desh ke karmveer”

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