On the occasion of Father’s Day, All Celebs celebrated this special day while sharing photos with his or her children. But Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber shared a semi-nude photo on Instagram, Daniel, who is also Sunny’s manager, shared the post in a relaxed moment with his wife and daughter Nisha.

Weber shared a picture with daughter Nisha Kaur Weber and Sunny Leone. This picture did not like by Sunny’s fans. Many users said that Sunny Do not make your daughter like you.

They received several compliments and some negative comments, Some fans took care of the haters and wrote in support of the parents. “How to dress motherly? There is no answer… You trollers are idiot. Why are you so judgmental?” read one comment. Another Instagram user added: “This picture is perfect on so many levels. Love and best wishes from my side to #NishaKaur, Sunny Leone, and Daniel Weber. So happy to see this wonderful family together.”

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber adopted Nisha from an orphanage in Latur, Maharashtra last year. My personal opinion they don’t do anything wrong, they need some time to understand India’s Culture and here environment.

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