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Shammi Narang: The man behind the iconic voice of Indian Metro rail.

Whose voice is used in Delhi Metro? Thousands of people commute by metro rail in India. If you have ever traveled in metro you must have heard the instruction voice. Do you know who is behind its real voice? The two most reputed and dynamic person whom you listen everywhere in the metro weather you are traveling in Delhi Metro, Lucknow metro Hyderabad, Kolkata metro, everywhere you hears the same voice.

Yes, I am talking about “Shammi Narang” who voice overed in both Hindi and English language. You hear the different voice of male and female and women behind that melody voice is “Rini Simon Khanna”. She is the face behind Delhi Metro’s sharp female voice with a rich texture and makes announcements in perfect diction.

Who is Shammi Narang?

Shammi Narang is a Delhi residence born on 25th November 1956. Narang’s grandfather was a Sikh of Pakistani origin. His father served in the Indian Army. Narang is highly motivated by his father and also a semi-trained singer. he earned his post graduation degree in Metallurgical engineering with the intention to get a government job.

Narang is married to Dolly Narang, who is from Chandigarh. Dolly is a disciple of music composer and gives Ghazal performances. The couple has a son and lives in a posh locality of South Delhi.

Now Shammi is a voice-over artist and ex-news anchor and an Entrepreneur based in South Delhi. Narang made his foray into the voice over industry with Voice of America.

Flander, who was a technical director of the United State Information Service, spotted Narang in an event in campus auditorium at IIT Delhi and asked Narang to assist him in sound testing which further leads him to the Voice of America.

Later on in India, Indian television called Doordarshan was looking for a young dynamic professional with a lovely voice for news anchoring and then Narang was selected among 100,000 candidates, and gradually he became the face of Doordarshan news reading and Indian television during the 1970s – 80s.

How he forayed into Delhi metro rail voice? 

In 2002 Delhi metro has started its testing of metro rail meanwhile one day Shammi Narang was attending the meeting at DMRC and the Narang and Rini Simon Khanna was the face and name which suddenly strikes the in the mind of Sridharan, chairman of DMRC. The project has been done by the chairman at that time and he gave order for the script and now this changes the whole life of both the Ex Doordarshan anchor. Now the every metro rail corporation in India is establishing the voice of these two legends.

Who is Rini Simon Khanna?

Best known for being a former Doordarshan anchor and now a voice-over professional, Rini Simon Khanna’s is the voice behind the announcements made in English inside the Delhi Metro. She has recorded prompts for all metro stations even though she wasn’t able to locate them on a map as per an interview with Caravan Magazine. Although she has a deep voice, her announcements sound a little robotic due to the lack of modulations found in colloquial speech but are sharp enough to be understood.

I am so used to hearing my voice on TV. But when I heard myself on a public transport for the first time, it took me by surprise. I then understood the importance of these announcements for the commuters

Achievements of Shammi Narang?

  • He is the Director of Pindrop Media Group (Delhi’s first digital recording studio, which is popular among voice over artists and musicians)

  • He is also a visiting faculty at  MAD arts, a film school of Jaspal Bhatti.

  • He has received the best voice-over award for the two-minute animated film called “Nanhi chidiya”

  • He is also a very reputed personality in commercial aids.

So the next time you travel on the Delhi Metro, you now know who the two amazing individuals behind the announcements are!

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