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These ‘Extreme Cut Out’ Jeans, Will be surprised to know the price!

Do you remember when jeans used to be just like trousers? Then the trend of Skinny Jeans came, then the High Wasted and then the ‘Mommy’ cut, along with the new trends of jeans have been coming out over time. But this time the new design of jeans has been revealed, you might be surprised by seeing it.

A Los Angeles fashion brand has just launched what it calls “extreme cut out” jeans,  a pair. The brand, Carmar, describes itself as “a premium denim brand catered to the free-spirited generation of today”.

Carmar describes the $168 dollar jeans as being “a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back.” They also describe the “jeans” as having a relaxed fit, which is hilarious, The irony is of course that, despite how little fabric they consist of – just 20 grams.

These new trends of jeans are making fun of people on social media. A user wrote, at least in it there is a pocket!

Although the very expensive jeans’ very few features seem almost laughable, there is one aspect of the pants that people on Twitter found absolutely hilarious.

Another user wrote that due to this jeans, security checks at the airport would be very easy!

Although this is not the first time to see the strange and poor trend of jeans. The ‘Naked Jeans’ which was included in a fashion show held in Tokyo in 2017 was also very trending.





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