A Food Photographer Made Tiny World & That is Totally Awesome | 25 Images

Peter Csakvari’s a Food Photographer from Hungary creating his project “Tiny Wasteland” that is really awesome and amazing, where he photographed a tiny object very relatable to our daily life.

Peter Csakvari spent his 5 years on this Tiny Wasteland project and created more than 200 images, here we collect the best 25 images for you, take a look at those creativities-

  1. Blueberry Workers

2. Rest in Figs (a fruit)

3. Sweetest Snowing Outside

4. Pipeline work on progress

5. Drying Prosciutto or cloths

6. Money Digger

7. Sleep time Mumma

8. Corn Workers

9. Tin Can Workers

10. Granny’s Canned Cannabis Farm

11. Smoking Kills

12. Micro gardening

13. Broccoli forest

14. Too Heavy to pull

15. Cloths Drying

16. Keyboard digging

17. Accident !Drive Safely!

18. Harvesting

19. Boating in the Sink

20. Sheep on the Hill

21. Pool side Chill ?

22. Chilis on fire! 

23. Piggy Wiggy

24. Maki Mountain 

25. Those kisses after garlic

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