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You might be shocked to know that Movies Where Actors Had Real Sex On-Screen.

When it comes to the movie scenes most of us still don’t know how the critical and sensitive scenes are suited, especially about fighting, car blasting, firing bullets, kissing and sex.  Different people have a different opinion about it as it depends on the knowledge and experience one’s posses. But nowadays it cannot be ignored that the latest technology like VFX, CGI etc. has made the film industry more efficient by making their work easy.

A lot of things can be created or animated today while sitting in the studio. high efficient cameras, equipment, and many editing software really push this entertainment industry towards more perfection. Still how kissing scenes are being suited is a mystery. But don’t wonder in this article you will find the names of some movies where actors had real sex with actress and it had been suited live.


While starting with an Indian movie called “GANDU”. It is a 2010 black and white Indian film, in the Bengali language, directed by Qaushiq Mukherjee and Anuj Nimbria sirji. Anubrata and Rii were in lead role where both intimated while suiting a rape scene.


Love is a 2015 French-Belgian erotic art drama film written and directed by Gosper Noe. The film revolves around the lives of an American cinema school student, named Murphy, and his former French girlfriend, Electra, whom he dated for two years while living in Paris.

It was the first 3D erotic film which features completely unsimulated sex and was also not choreographed because director might have wanted to keep it real.


Lie with Me is a Canadian drama film with complete graphic,  which features the unsimulated sexual content and it was also played at Toronto International Film Festival in 2005. it was all about hot and steamy romance.

In between the scene camera slowly zooms out on a young woman masturbating to a porn sex tape. She gets up abruptly and goes out to a party, looking for sex. Before she can choose a partner for the night she is corralled by David, into a bathroom, while his girlfriend calls through the door. She leaves but keeps her eye on David as she picks up a shy guy, with whom she has sex against a fence outside as David watches from his car while his girlfriend fellates him. Leila is in complete control of her encounter while David remains completely passive.


The Brown Bunny is a 2003 drama film written, directed, produced, photographed and edited by Vincent Gallo. Chloe Sevigny was in the lead role who established himself as a brand by this movie.

It turned the few heads down when it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival as one of its scenes was almost real oral sex.


Shortbus is an American erotic comedy-drama film directed by John Cameron Mitchell which was released in 2006.

It revolves around the club of New York City who meets every week to find themselves in a sex saloon. Shortbus includes a variety of explicit scenes containing non-simulated sexual intercourse with visible penetration and male ejaculation.

You will surprise to know that director (John Cameron Mitchell) joined in for the final scene.


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