Meet Sudanese Model Nyakim Gatwech The Queen Of Dark

Nyakim Gatwech an Instagram Model from Sudan, Africa presently an African American Model, she is popular for her dark skin and yes she has proud on her dark skin.

Nyakim Gatwech born on 27 January 1993, presently she is 27 years old At the age of 14, she moved to the USA from a refugee camp in Africa, She always bullying due to her skin color.

She wanted to become a Model since her childhood but due to many big issues she give up on her dream of becoming a model. But she stayed strong and learned to love herself as she entered the modeling world.

Take a look on Nyakim Gatwech stunning images “Queen of Dark”


Nyakim Gatwech



Nyakim Gatwech hot image



Nyakim Gatwech queen of dark

27 years old Nyakim Gatwech proudly popular in fashion Industry with her dark skin but her Journey was not so easy.




In 2016, Once she became a popular model, Nyakim found herself in an unpleasant situation. An Uber driver asked, “If you were given $10,000 would you bleach your skin?” She just laughed and wanted to know why he thought she should.



Nyakim Gatwech sexy figure

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Nyakim Gatwech beautiful image




Nyakim Gatwech Dark skin




Nyakim Gatwech Sudan



Nyakim Gatwech African American Model



Nyakim Gatwech shows the World how beautiful and intelligent she is apart from just being dark skinned. She has 959k followers on Instagram.

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