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Mama Duck Sacrifices her life to Save her Babies from a Snake

Motherhood is greater from all, a Mother can do anything for her children no matter what does it cost! A video circulated on Social Media platform where A mam Duck saves her duckling from a snake.

A python entering in a Duck’s home where Mama and Babies had made home. Mama duck immediately senses danger and wildly flaps her wings in order to get all the Babies out of the hole.

In this 44 second videos you can watch that Mama Duck Sacrifices her life to save her babies from a Python.

Many people blaming that person who captured this video and some people comment ” This is the law of Nature”, but above of all the strength of motherhood is greater than the nature’s laws.

A heartwrenching video

Mama duck protecting her babies from a Snake (shared by Sudha Ramen IFS)

This is cropped version of Video here the full video, story behind all scripted or captured video

What is your opinion on this video, according to me no matter its captured accidentally or scripted one but Mama Duck got rescued at last and Motherhood is above all the Law of Nature.

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