Karan Acharya is a graphics designer and He is inspired by Raja Ravi Verma and Popularly known for his “Angry Hanuman graphic” and Praised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Karan Acharya’s Angry Hanuman art

Karan Acharya is a Bengaluru based Animator and Graphics Artist, He has 128.7k followers on Twitter and 359k followers on Instagram.

People always request him to do edit their Images and Karan Acharya god level Photo editing make them speechless, At the end you can see how Karan make these arts possible.( 22 amazing pics)

Take a look on Karan Acharya breathtaking mythological image editing that make you wow



Little Boy as Lord Krishna by Karan Acharya
Little Boy as Lord Krishna


Inspired by Rani Laxhmibai



Inspired by goddess Durga


Little Krishna and Kalia Naag


Mahabharata Scene






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