INDIA KA KHEL : Special on Republic Day

It is the proud moment for all Indians that we would be celebrating our successfully 70th Republic Day soon. Today India is the largest democracy with a largest written constitution in the world which was enforced on this golden day 26th Jan, 1950. On this day, every year we celebrate with a great enthusiasm of being India Republic. This is the constitution which gives us the right to equality, right to freedom and cultural and educational right and many more. our nation is the best example of unity in diversity, in which our constitution plays a vital role. This year also India is ready with all its preparation for the celebration.

As we all know that except some national guideline of this national festival celebration, every Indian celebrates it on its own respectful way by contributing something to the nation.

Inspired by the unity, diversity and patriotism towards the nation brought the concept as a result of “INDIA KA KHEL”.

INDIA KA KHEL is a short movie or a Sports Anthem for encouraging and Boosting Sports in India. This project is a Tribute to all Sports Categories ,Sports personalities and all Fans who contribute to Raise Tri Colour Flag High and create Glorious Evident History! Sports person are the people who always makes the nation feel proud by hosting our national flag around the globe. They have done it by their hard work and dedication towards nation. Seeing this we have decided to pay a little tribute to all these real heros by this creation. We are sure, this will encourage and make people feel proud not only in India but around the globe.

This beautiful project creation is the hard work of team “Rebel Gem” (, a versatile music producer.

This is the concept and initiative of a man called “Arvinder Singh”. He is a versatile instrumentalist and producer.
Musical Director, Composer, Producer and Music teacher are all roles that he transition between with ease. Currently, he is studying at the Australian Institute of Music in Melbourne and shaping his career for a new boom in the music industry.

Arvinder along with his team has successfully completed this project and was looking for the collaboration with a media platform like to celebrate and share his achievement with a wide range of people. we at (wide audience reach), has witnessed the reality of his desire, passion, and dedication towards the nation.

Thanks to all these people who has made their contribution for the successful completion of this project.

Credits :

Starring : Deep Sidhu

Director : Amrinder Goraya

Producer : Shivneet Kaur and Winco Singh

Music/Composer/Male Singer : Rebel Gem (Visit for more info about Rebel Gem).

Female Singer : Sangeeta Sodhi

Female Singer : Mushu 1

Lyrics : Sarba Kila Raipur and Winco Singh

Mix-Mastered : Tarun Singh

Guitar Tracking : Angad Singh Bahra @Unevenstudios

Live Taus : Bimal Singh

Tumbi : Gurmehar Singh

Website Partner: Australian Institute of Music

Media Partner : (


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