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How is Holi The Indian festival of colours celebrated around the Globe

Holi festival of colours and joy and the symbol of victory good over evil. The origins of the festival can be found in Hindu mythology, which tells the story of a demon, Holika, and her brother Dhruva, King Hiranyakashipu.

But Holi is celebrated not just in India, but overseas as well. Holi is played with much fervour in foreign lands. Look ahead for surprising facts related to Holi around the world.

United States of America

Festival of Colours in Utah, USA

There is no shortage of Holi fans in the US owing to the presence of a large Indian population. People wear white coloured clothes to participate in a 5 kilometre-long run – known as Colour Run – to have Holi colours thrown at them. Religious groups in Utah organise the festival on a big scale to provide a platform to the young to have fun, but in an untainted way. People from all walks of life are welcomed to play with colours to the tunes of music.


Holi festival in Madrid

Party lovers in Madrid too play Holi, albeit during the monsoons. Loads of gulaal, water guns, dances etc. add festive cheer to the celebrations. Holi parties see the presence of a score of attendees.


Holi in London

Since the presence of Indians in England is widespread, Holi celebrations are ought to be big. London, Birmingham, Manchester and several other cities have people hitting the Holi party grounds armed with dry colours, spray cans, and other paraphernalia.


Holi celebrations in Madgeburg, Germany

South Africa

Colour Festival at the Grand Parade in Cape Town

Watch Videos of Holi Celebration from around the Globe-

Holi in Russia

Holi in New Zealand

Holi in Brazil

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