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Heartbreaking Images Of Helpless Animals In The Flooded Kaziranga Park In Assam

Assam flood has put the life of wild animals of Kaziranga National Park in danger, and now, more lives are being threatened by another unusual menace.

Wild animals that move out of the national park after the heavy flooding. Animals continue to move towards a safer place as about 85 percent of the Kaziranga National Park and 95 camps are underwater.

Here some heart-breaking images of innocent animals getting displaced by the flood in Kaziranga, Assam.

Watch video how  Selfless Men Working 24×7 To Save Wild Animals From Assam Floods

Due to the floods, a “large number” of rhinos, deer, and elephants are “trapped” in the sanctuary at the moment as per state legislator Mrinal Saikia.

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