Do you know: How Wikipedia makes money? check out here.

Wikipedia is the first choice today when we look for any information on google. we don’t pay anything for getting information here. This site also does not contain any advertisement. Then question raise that how they make money to keep it run?

It is an online encyclopedia founded in 2001, which is now available in approx 301 languages.

Wikipedia is run by a non-profit organization named Wikimedia Foundation. It regulates Wikipedia and also other editing and publishing sites in the world. It’s actually a community of contributors namely Wikimedia which uses reader contributions to pay the expenses of Wikipedia’s operation.

The annual budget of this Wikimedia foundation is about 82 million.

The majority of employee work here is authorized for fundraising and rest works on technology.
You wonder to know that world’s fifth most popular site Wikipedia is visited by more than 11 million people every day which has a very low workforce near to 35 in which approx only 15 people works on technology.

The Wikipedia required not more than $3 million to keep it running.

The majority is done by donations. Donations and grants go to the Wikimedia Foundation. Most of the donations come from individuals, but major come from some other charitable trust and welfare foundations and many more. the mode of payment they accept for the donations are the credit card, check, stock transfer, etc. The minimum donation is $1 for security reasons.

They also accept the non-monetary donations such as server space, developers time, designers time etc.

They also make money by Wikipedia store, you will find products like t-shirts, pen pencil, gift items which you can buy. But remember that only 1% of Wikipedia store revenue goes to Wikipedia website, rest go for Wikipedia Foundation’s sister projects like Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikivoyage, and others.
wikipedia receives the donation from almost part of the world in any amount not less than $1. Readers will see a banner on the site asking for a small contribution.

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