The countries where same-sex or LGBT marriage is officially legal

73 countries where homosexuality is illegal

But the LGBT community is now very active in different parts of the world and influencing the society and government. In this new age of globalization and information, people are receiving more awareness and changing their thought process. Racism and casteism are reducing gradually and the sense of humanity is increasing in the society.

Ultimately, its important for the national development to provide equal rights to all their citizens. Because equal opportunity opens the door for all and mass participation in nation building can lead to the higher growth of the country.

There is around 2.5 million population of the LGBT community in India. Such a big population is just using the nation’s resources and not participating at all in nation building because of social taboo. After the decriminalization of this ruling government may also set some new rules for their upliftment, such as reservation in job sector etc.

In this whole world, about 8 million LGBT people and it seems a continuous rise in its population. So making it more comfortable in the society, bringing them into the mainstream of development has become very important.

Here the list of 73 countries and independent political entities with anti-homosexuality laws.


1 Algeria
2 Angola
3 Botswana
4 Burundi
5 Cameron
6 Comoros
7 Egypt
8 Eritrea
9 Ethiopia
10 The Gambia
11 Ghana
12 Guinea
13 Kenya
14 Liberia
15 Libya
16 Malawi (enforcement of law suspended)
17 Mauritania
18 Mauritius
19 Morocco
20 Namibia
21 Nigeria
22 Senegal
23 Sierra Leone
24 Somalia
25 South Sudan
26 Sudan
27 Swaziland
28 Tanzania
29 Togo
30 Tunisia
31 Ugand
32 Zambia
33 Zimbabwe

Asia, including the Middle East

34 Afghanistan
35 Bangladesh
36 Bhutan
37 Brunei
38 Iran
39 Iraq
40 Kuwait
41 Lebanon (law ruled invalid in one court in 2014 and disqualified for use against same-sex intimacy in another court in February 2017)
42 Malaysia
43 Maldives
44 Myanmar
45 Oman
46 Pakistan
47 Palestine/Gaza Strip
48 Qatar
49 Saudi Arabia
50 Singapore
51 Sri Lanka
52 Syria
53 Turkmenistan
54 United Arab Emirates
55 Uzbekistan
56 Yemen


57 Antigua & Barbuda
58 Barbados
58 Dominica (But see “Dominica leader: No enforcement of anti-gay law“)
60 Grenada
61 Guyana
62 Jamaica
63 St Kitts & Nevis
64 St Lucia
65 St Vincent & the Grenadines


66 Cook Islands
67 Indonesia
69 Papua New Guinea
70 Samoa
71 Solomon Islands
72 Tonga
73 Tuvalu


Data source: Economic Times.



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