The countries where same-sex or LGBT marriage is officially legal

It was the proud moment not for the Indians only but for the whole world that India joins hand to those countries who do not criminalize the homosexuality. It is a strong message to the world that India is not only developing economically but Socially as well. That’s why we Indian understood the problems and discriminations of this suppressed community and for the sake of humanity, we accept them as we are, and decided that they should also have equal rights as a normal Indians. They are the part of our family.

Earlier it was a criminalized under the section 377 of IPC. The Delhi HC deemed the law unconstitutional in 2009, but the Supreme Court overturned the judgment in 2018 by stating that the right to privacy is a fundamental right: Right to privacy and the protection of sexual orientation lie at the core of the fundamental rights guaranteed by Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution“.

Deepak Mishra- chief justice of India, stated in his judgment that this rule prohibits the homosexuality and unnatural sex orientation from a child and animals. Now Supreme Court has demolished the law but in case of child and animals rule would be as usual.

So, this was the rule made by the British government in the 18th century and until now these suppressed communities were fighting for their judgment and finally the won.

LGBT community has got their legal rights but it still takes time to adopt them in Indian society. As the report says- 33% Indians are in the favour of homosexuality, 44% are in against and rest 23% still confused (Source- ET, an online survey of 51,7000 web user in 51 countries by ILGA, RIWI, Corp.)

 LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) are the community who are not struggling for their rights in India only but in a different part of the world. There are still more than 71 countries who did not join the race to decriminalized the homosexuality and have a very strong punishment for violation of the rules.

Countries where same-sex marriage is legal?

There are many countries where gay marriage is legal now but it was tough to get this right, many had a walk on street and after a long struggle they have got their right, Here the list…

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