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Armenian Photographer Captures Extreme Close-Ups of Animal Eyes

Suren Manvelyan From Armenia (a Country in Asia) who loves to capture Animals and Bird’s eyes extreme close i mean so close that will just incredible.

Armenian Photographer keeps his photography techniques secret, but he told in his many interview that it took patience spends hours and hours to wait for the right moment just for the perfect capture.

We collected around 25 best captures of Suren Manvelyan and those eyes looks a like the surface of craters, rivers, desert and valleys, Take a look-

1. Alaskan Cat
2. Tiger Python
3. Alaskan Horse
4. Tokay gecko (a Lizard)
5. Alaskan Malamute (a dog breed)

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6. Porcupinefish
7. Anolis Lizard
8. Black Rabbit
9. Blue crayfish
10. Camel
11. Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot
12. Long Eared Owl
13. Chimpanze
14. Rock Fish Eye
15. Hippo
16. Nylus Crocodile
17. Husky
18. Lama
19. Crane
20. Siamese cat
21. Eublepharis (Type of Lizard)
22. Mouflon (Wild Sheep)
23. Discus Fish
24. Python
25. Deer

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