A Small Town Girl Story who is Unaware of the troubles which she has to face during her hostel life

Every single hour single women, young girls are being assaulted, molested, and violated at the streets, public transport, public spaces, as well as young school and college going girls use books to shield themselves, other women wear full-covered attire to protect their bodies.

This is a story of a small town girl who is Unaware of the troubles which she has to face during her hostel life in Patna.

A girl, full of aspirations, is ready to chase her dreams and ready to fly, to follow, ready to fall, ready to learn. She just passed 12th and yes, she has rocked them! 72% from Bihar board.

“Lal Babu, your daughter is amazing. Congratulations!” Said Sharmaji.

“Yes, her result is beyond our expectations! I’m so proud of my daughter.”

“So, what next?”

“I’m thinking to send her to college in Patna for further studies”

“Are you out of mind? Find a groom and fix her marriage. Studying till 12th Std. is enough! By the way, after marriage, she has to be a good homemaker. So, don’t think of sending her away from our town!”

This is a common response from most relatives. Don’t they have anything else to do?

But her father believes in her potential, her dreams, and her hopes. Her family decides to send her to Patna. She is very happy and looks forward to this new chapter in her life. She is ready to fly!

In Patna, she has a new hostel, new class, new friends. She is over the moon! Unaware of the troubles which she has to face.

Here she is alone. Her older brother is not here, so she has to go shopping alone. Papa is not here to protect her. Mumma is not here, lying in whose laps she dreamt big. She is completely alone here.

Now whenever she goes out, creepy men stare at her.

Whenever she goes to get her mobile recharged, the disgusting shopkeeper bhaiya will always talk with dirty intentions.

And how can I forget? Coming back to the hostel, around 6 pm she gets stalked by men as old as her father! Teasing her, calling her dirty names.

No, she can’t study here. She can’t take it anymore. She’s going back home to her parents. Trying to get away from this dangerous, absurd world.

Can you imagine how difficult it is for a girl who is living in the hostel? They have to give up without fulfilling their dreams.

Girls who live in hostels are forced to go back home. She is scared. This world is too dangerous for her. So many people around her and everyone just wants her body.

A woman is precious, take care of her and comfort her because somewhere deep inside she is screaming. Hold her shivering hands because they are not weak, they are merely bound!

अय्याश के बाजार में बस जिस्म है सपने कहाँ ?
वो रेंगती और चीरती नज़रे है मुझको झांकती
वो हंस के मेरी आत्मा को कौड़ियों में आंकती
मैं आज भी मज़बूत हूँ श्रद्धा की पावन रूप हूँ
रौंदो जितना अस्तित्व को एक सच हूँ मैं, नहीं झूठ हूँ
बस चल पड़ी हूँ राह पर सब कहते है मैं हूँ हारी
पर सशक्त है ये खुश भी है एक आस्था है ये नारी.


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