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A Photojournalist Who Helps Children Get an Education to Free Them From Daily Wages

You all must have heard or read somewhere about the humanity act by different people, which gives us hope to believe in Humanity even in this barbarous world today.

This is a story about an award winning photographer from Bangladesh, who helps children to get education and to free them from draining jobs.

GMB Akash, he has taken meaningful photos for years to spread awareness about several issues which he faces in his homeland. He has now taken a step to educate poor children and free them from grueling jobs using his own money.

We are sharing some of the picture of these children whose lives have been changed for better.




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Kid Before and After education
















Akash statement is- “Every time I am working with children on different projects, I like to collect their stories and I always ask them to tell me their dreams.

Here, we sharing with you 10 common dreams that these working children keep inside their hearts!”

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