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This cute Golden Retriever Has Only One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head

This cute golden Retriever has only one ear in the middle of her head loos a like a Unicorn.

Her name is Rae and her innocence and uniqueness winning the hearts of social media users across the globe.

She was accidental injury at birth left her with only right ear. As she grew, it migrated to the top of her head.

Rae the 🦄 Golden Retriever, has 236k followers on Instagram, You’ll love this, the baby only has one ear! She’s a unicorn, Take a look on some cutest Rae’s pics

It’s a unicorn dog look how freaking cute!!! I’m so in love!!

Watch some cute videos-

Rae is a cute dog with her unique appearance that win our heart may god bless him and her family, we love you Rae.

You can follow her- Rae (Instgram)

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