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30+Act of Kindness that will restore your faith in Humanity

Our small gesture can really change someone day, a little act of kindness will give someone a memorable day, a simple act of kindness will save someone life.

Yes, there are many ways to spread smiles and kindness no matter where ever we are or we where ever we go.

  • Give up own seat on a train or plane so other travelers can sit together.
  • Smile at someone who looks sad or lost.
  • Collect old clothes and distribute to the needy.
  • Help an elderly neighbour do some household.
  • Compliment a colleague to your boss.

Believe us to there are so many ways to show some act of kindness to someone took some few seconds at no any cost.

Kuchhv collects some random images and videos that Act of Kindness will restore your faith in Humanity.

A Homeless person protecting his dog from chilled winter
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A man giving a homeless woman his slippers
Hair Stylist gives free haircuts to the homeless to help them find jobs.
Tribal children seeing an iPad for the first time the expressions on all theirs faces are just priceless


A store employee ties shoe lashes to a elderly person
Saving a little puppy
A Saint in India feeding orphaned baby monkey
Man starts mobile library to educate & inspire rural Pakistani Kids
Give me a hug will give u Hair cut and shaving
Lets enjoy the show together buddy
Caring for friend
A kid saves life of a baby deer
A man protecting Duck’s family to crossing road
I will help you buddy for surfing
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More Random Act of Kindness that will make you cry

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Hope you like those example of act of Kindness that will give you positivity and make you smile. Believe us we can make it possible for Humanity for a better society. Keep smile and spread Happiness

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